Why long-term business relationships matter, and how we nourish them at Infosit

One of the prominent culture traits at Infosit is our commitment to long-term partnerships. For many years, they have been the foundation of our way of working.

When reflecting on what it means, we like to emphasise our commitment to our clients’ business outcomes. Everything we do makes sense only when our digital solutions meet our clients’ business requirements, and create a source of competitive advantage.

In other words, understanding your business logic and environment is vital for our mutual success. This kind of understanding is best developed under a partnership that has both depth and duration.

Diving deep into your business needs

In practice, this means we will start a business relationship by diving deep into your business needs and market realities. We will use cutting-edge methodologies to fully understand your goals. We will get to the bottom of outcomes you value most.

When I think about long-term partnerships, I see many layers and dimensions. First, they carry the positive attributes such as respect, joy, care, and mutual success. Second, they are all about lasting and getting better, about investing time and thought and energy into keeping them mutually beneficial. Third, we understand them best if we adopt a broader perspective.
Dolores Koverlica, Senior Partner & Chief Solutions Architect

That kind of journey takes effort and careful consideration. It is not about rushing or looking to do things quickly. On the contrary, it is about communication and careful listening. Only after we have done that, can we shape and implement a digital solution that will last and bring competitive advantage.

Communication and high-quality teamwork are key to getting there, so we have made them pillars of our day-to-day work. We constantly improve them, so each person at Infosit gets opportunities to better understand the big picture, and business requirements driving digital transformation. Design thinking, agile, and 4 people principles are some of the methods we have adopted over the years, and trained our organisation to use them efficiently.

The way I see it, working towards long-term partnerships is about constantly looking for ways to do things better for our clients, for co-workers, and ultimately for ourselves. I believe that long-term relationships also help us maintain a healthy balance in life and work.
Marko Maric, Senior Developer

Digital solutions for a business impact

At Infosit, a software developer is not just a coder. Rather, he or she understands the client's vision and desired business outcomes. This approach is rooted in our mission. It is our passion, and something we constantly work on. It enables us to excel inlong-term projects, to maintain partnerships and deliver exceptional business value all along the way. It puts us in a position to build much more than an application or a new online user journey.

A long-term relationship is a win-win for both parties. When we invest energy in long-term partnerships, we create the kind of communication and environment in which both sides can thrive. It also saves the energy we would otherwise need for starting a completely new relationship with completely new people and organisations.
Goran Mrvos, CEO and founder

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