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Combining your business knowledge with our strategic thinking, technological expertise, and industry experience, we build digital solutions that elevate your brand, accelerate engagement, and increase revenue.

Developers at heart

Founded in 2002, Infosit is a one-stop, full life-cycle software development consultancy building tailor-made solutions for pioneering, results-driven organisations. Offering unrivalled industry expertise and experience, our primary goal is to help both businesses and people realise their full potential. Whether it’s partnering with our clients or mentoring our team, we’re continually looking for new, inventive ways to use technology.

... delivering exceptional experiences

Our dedicated "family" of designers, developers, and project managers—in the UK, and at our technological hub in Porec, Croatia—leverage the latest technologies and best practices. From ideation to execution, we use Agile methodologies to build the affordable, flexible, and robust digital products our clients can rely on for their daily operations. These help businesses across the globe deliver exceptional experiences, drive growth, and accelerate return on investment.

... rooted in a culture of excellence

With a deep-rooted culture based on quality, integrity, and long-term client relationships, we’re passionate and committed to delivering innovative, real-world solutions on time and within budget. We deliver the solutions you need to increase competitiveness, open up new possibilities, and provide ongoing, incremental value for your business.

...driven by qualities you value

PassionateWe’re dedicated to building elegant, functional, and user centric solutions that enable rapid onboarding, increase customer retention, and engender brand loyalty.
FocusedAs a client-centric organization, we focus all our efforts on ensuring your success. Whether it’s understanding your business, researching consumer trends, or building state-of-the-art apps, we align our goals to your vision.
MotivatedWhether exploring new technologies, acquiring extraordinary talent, or embracing best practices, we’re continually looking for new ways to excel at what we do.

... to meet your expectations every time

  • Value: Quick to adapt to the changing needs of our clients, we leverage best practices to ensure the rapid, continuous delivery of software that drives business growth. We practice agile development, with accelerated feedback loops for iterative development and continuous improvement.
  • Innovation: Our goal is to convert ideas into tangible solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses—from their perspective. Whether it’s exploring new technologies, optimizing efficiencies, or attracting new talent with different skillsets, we’re continually looking for new ways to deliver increased value for our clients.
  • Commitment: When you engage us as your software development partner, it means embarking on a lifelong journey. Whether for a few weeks or a few years, we’re dedicated to the success of your business. We’ve worked with some of our clients continually for over 15 years, helping them to develop, deploy, and maintain innovative digital solutions that continuously evolve to drive ongoing engagement and business growth.

... with the most skilled agile talent available

We strive to find the best talent and share experiences, best practices, and technical know-how. Pooling a wealth of collective intelligence between local and remote team members accelerates innovation and enables us to build better solutions—faster. Holding ourselves to the highest standards while enjoying work/life balance, our goal is to challenge ourselves, stretch our limits, unleash our potential, and exceed client expectations.

... using the best technologies for the job

Whether it’s fitting in with your existing environment or starting from scratch, the technologies we love and choose enable us to build elegant, high-performance digital solutions that deliver results.

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If you’re looking for a results-driven, innovative software development partner to help capitalize on new, profitable opportunities, reinvent your brand, or deliver incremental value to your business, we can help.



M. Vlasica 26/31
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+385 52 452 259
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46 Marks Road
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