Booking flow that perfectly matches your business goals

All you need to set, manage, publish and sync complex booking process across your digital channels. Manage multiple, dynamic pricing lists. Set your own billing options, cancellation policies, service types and durations. Add visual elements. Tune your pricing with facilities and services specific for your company. Feed the information into your booking system, CRM and analytics tools. Create and manage special offers with vouchers and promotional codes.

Enhance your booking experience

Design a great booking journey, every step of the way. Configure the booking engine for your digital channels to create the most efficient experience for your customers.

Maximize marketing and sales results

We can configure DXP to a marketing- and sales-adapted structure which will yield the best sales results. Make sure your USPs, business logic and strategy are served well.

Pull your data quickly and easily

Pull data from several sides, break it down, map it, and display it on your digital channels in ways that align with your marketing and sales goals.

Manage content and sales from one place

Create, place, and remove all kinds of sales and marketing offerings on your digital channels. Do it fast, adapting your actions to the market dynamics. All the information is centralized, which makes it error-resistant and easier to manage.

Serve your specific business needs, perfectly

We don’t offer an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, the DXP platform is completely open and flexible for customization to perfectly match your business needs, logic, and strategy.

Automate marketing and sales campaigns

Set up your campaigns according to your specific and fast-changing business needs. Once you set it up, you don't have to think about it anymore - the system will take care of it.

New booking API (developed by Infosit)

In addition to enabling connection and communication between DXP and the booking engine, it saves data such as the number of reservations, clicks, where the user came from, and much more.

Power-user, regular user... you choose

When everything is set up and ready to use, you just need to know what is needed to display something on the web/digital channels

Have requirements that surpass your booking engine capabilities? We are here to help!

Create, manage, and display your content on digital channels from one central platform - Infosit DXP



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