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Digital experience platform
Be ready to develop your own sales and marketing channels for top of the line business results.

Our 20 years of experience in the digitalisation of hospitality led us towards creating Infosit DXP, a powerful platform that turns your vision into a story of digital success.

As your central sales and marketing platform, DXP developed on MACH architecture powers your digital growth and keeps you ahead of the curve. With its constantly evolving capability, it sets your business for stellar marketing and brand performance as you improve your sales conversion rates - and your revenue.

Headless cms

Headless Content Management

Write once, read many times. Central content management allows better control and top-quality presentation of your content over multiple channels and devices. Make sure your communications and messaging are unified and synced across your large digital footprint.

niche player dxp

Highly configurable platform

Get that extra capability that fits your business model perfectly. Unlock new areas of performance improvement. Configurable backend enables Infosit to take DXP further, in tune with the specific, evolving needs of your business.

dxp support

Streamlined editing across channels and devices

Enjoy editing and publishing in a streamlined way, while always having full control over how your content is presented on different screens and devices - on your websites and mobile apps, on your room or lobby TV screens, in city displays or smart watches. Make sure your customers are delighted, regardless of the way they interact with your brand.

E-commerce pricing solutions

All you need to set, manage, publish and sync complex pricing structures across your digital footprint. Manage multiple, dynamic pricing lists. Set your own billing options, cancellation policies, service types and durations. Add visual elements. Tie your pricing to facilities and services specific to your business. Feed the information into your booking system, CRM and analytics tools. Create and manage special offers with vouchers and promotional codes.

E-commerce pricing solutions
API integration

Abundant API integration options

Scalable, service-oriented architecture is an excellent ground for any number of third-party API integrations. If your needs call for API-level solutions and connections, Infosit DXP is the kind of product to turn to.

Multiple Integration options

Multiple integration options, full interoperability

Get the system up and running in the way that best suits you. Infosit DXP supports both out-of-the-box and customised integrations into your environment. It also comes with ready-made third-party integrations, and the possibility to develop new ones, which makes it highly interoperable and expandable.

Your guests and your people deserve it

Tell us your business vision and let’s start building fantastic experiences!

Delight your guests with your personalized approach, and delight your people with easy and creative tools. Your improved business results are the highest value in the ongoing story of success.



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