Multiple integration options, full interoperability

Get the system up and running in the way that best suits you.

Interconnect your software

Companies will often use different types of software to support their business processes. If these applications don’t exchange data or work together well, things can get frustrating and expensive. DXP has an outstanding flexibility to integrate any third-party application, molding your software stack into one cohesive infrastructure.

Meet your unique business needs

Applications are built to meet specific business needs or use cases. By integrating data from these applications with DXP, you can make your workflows smoother, contributing to the scope, scale, and profitability of your operations without increasing the workload.

Power data exchange via API

Free yourself from time-consuming manual work - use APIs to exchange data between two or more business applications. By enabling them to talk to each other you will keep your data in sync and boost productivity.

Choose the right option for you

DXP is known for interoperability and extensibility.

Out-of-box integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations are ready-made, you get them with the Infosit DXP. Essentially, this is prepackaged software with native features and built-in functionalities that will work straight away. This type of integration requires minimal technical knowledge, so you won't put extra demands before your dev team.

Custom integrations

If your business processes are both robust and high in complexity, we can develop custom integrations. They will be fully tailored to your specific needs. This can scale your processes, improve your organization's productivity, and reduce costs in the long run.



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