Advanced Multisite Management

Quick and efficient management of multiple websites from a single platform.

Build an online presence that will attract, engage, and retain your target users.

In today's dynamic business landscape shaped by digital transformation, online marketing and sales are evolving with the need for an increasingly strong online presence and personalization. Every product or brand that aspires to success must play well on digital channels. Entering a new market requires tailored communication to the target audiences, different from that in an already existing market. In this context, flexible marketing campaigns become crucial, following specific sales needs and adapting to different segments, markets, and the requirements of a particular brand or product.

10 key benefits of Advanced multisite management

  1. Better efficiency and quality gained via centralized content management and a comprehensive overview of your content.

  2. Faster website updates by swiftly adding or changing all content types.

  3. More intensive and personalized communication through the creation of multiple websites.

  4. Cost-cutting by sharing and publishing content without the need for data re-entry.

  5. Increased employee satisfaction, with the editor role and a broader business perspective, beyond mere content input.

  6. Enhanced user experience, engagement, and conversion rates by creating tailored content for specific target audiences, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of communication.

  7. Greater interoperability by seamless API integration with third-party services.

  8. Seamless scalability, achieved through the flexibility and adaptability of Infosit CMS, ensures that websites effectively support the growing demands of your business activities.

  9. Enhanced collaboration between marketing, sales, and other teams encouraged by centralized content management.

  10. Quick time-to-market and increased brand awareness through the swift implementation of multiple websites.

How it works

Whether you need multiple websites to customize content for different markets, target audiences, or brands, having them will often help you reach your business goals and get a distinct competitive edge. Once your websites are up and running, managing them quickly across digital channels will ensure your online presence stays relevant and flexible.

Deliver personalized experiences across multiple websites, enhancing your users' engagement and conversion rates.


Explore how Infosit DXP Advanced multisite management can benefit your booking process.

Enhanced marketing and sales management

Get your marketing and sales teams a centralized content management system that simplifies the entry and review of content in a single platform. This dynamic system enables faster content adjustments across multiple websites, ensuring efficient management of marketing campaigns and sales activities from a central hub.

Booking experience optimization

Create a tailored booking journey, allowing for personalized content presentation on various websites. This improves user experience and optimizes the booking process itself, fostering a smoother and more engaging interaction.

Streamlined accommodation and booking component management

Quick entry and update of information related to accommodations and specific booking components ensure the consistency and accuracy of your booking approach across all websites, providing an enhanced experience for your target users.

Unleashing personalization through loyalty programs

Leverage the power of Infosit DXP to create personalized communication through your loyalty programs. Use data from CRM and other databases to create tailored interactions that boost loyalty and engagement.

Elevate user experience by providing a seamless and enjoyable experience, from the initial search to the moment of booking.



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