Data collection presented in an easy-to-understand way

Simplified collection of data on "track performance" from various locations is made possible to improve your workforce and productivity.
SPC data software

A quickly deployable SPC solution that keeps data from multiple production sites centralized

A web-based Statistical Process Control solution QAinfoSIT helps you quickly gather all the relevant data in one place and ensure process stability workflow.

The app was developed to meet customer needs for continuous manufacturing data collected from several factory locations and sends real-time information and reports to one place, where all the given inputs are met, or can predict and give a warning if some of the data won't be met. The prevention of the problem before it arises by monitoring the process stability results in consistent production.

Modern data visualization tools allowed our developers to create an interactive dashboard that presents a large amount of data in an easy-to-understand way.

QAinfoSIT generated reports can be exported in Excel, PDF and other formats for further analysis. The process becomes transparent, so all employees, or even customers can instantly get a clear understanding of the status of manufacturing.

  • Do you ensure the quality of your products via Statistical Process Control?
  • Do your customers want real-time access to your SPC data?
  • Does your SPC have to meet normative requirements?
  • Do you produce at several locations?

QAinfoSIT allows prediction and elimination of scrap by recognizing abnormal situations like sudden exceeding of a control limit. The result is improved productivity, efficiency, and dramatic cost reduction.

Made to resolve challenges, it saves your time on monitoring processes on any situation and from any location

Centralized SPC data collection

The simple and practical web-based SPC system

The data is cloud-based or stored on-premise

Easy-to-understand visual dashboard

Elimination of scrap

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