Marketing tools for swift campaign launches

Bring your last-minute offers to market super-fast. Choose from beautiful, ready-made templates and images. Tune them and launch your landing pages in no time, on a large scale. Have your campaigns up and running swiftly, making the most out of sales opportunities out there.

Highly customizable modules

Create new web pages quickly and display information in ways and places that work best for your business. With DXP you can build any page type you need, from last-minute sales offers in multiple languages to complex destination-specific pages. Modules will be your building blocks. They are highly customizable, allowing much more flexibility than standard CMS solutions. Modules come with predefined configurations, but you can also choose your own settings, i.e. connect the module to any information source. You can add and edit modules for many different channels. Automation combined with module configuration takes things to a whole new level - for example when building sales pages for multiple brands your organisation manages under a single umbrella.

Continuous delivery

Quickly apply changes to your website from the staging environment to the live instance. Use automated tests to make sure everything works as expected. Avoid risking downtime. There is no need to merge databases and configurations manually.

Flexible template builder

Build your template with modules once, use it for multiple pages to save time and speed up your work. With Infosit DXP you can create reusable templates. This means you will only configure modules once. Our DXP does not require specialist technical or coding skills, so you can onboard editors and publishers more easily. With a bit of training, your people will own their editors' roles with confidence.

Referencing and sharing

Infosit DXP uses the power of referencing to reduce workload and enable smooth digital handling of your sales and marketing activities. For example, if you set a page module to show the next five events, they will be updated automatically, without the need for the editor’s intervention. Or, if you change the event title, the change will be applied to all the pages referencing that event.

If you manage multiple websites, you can enter your data in one place only, and then share it across other websites. Infosit DXP is highly flexible in its sharing options, roles and permissions. Information can be shared between websites and pages permanently or temporarily. The latter is done by simply setting duration.

Publication place feature makes it possible to tie information to the individual facility web page (e.g. that of a hotel, resort, campsite), and by the same logic, to the web pages of branches operating under a group-level organisation.

Support for custom JavaScript, CSS and markup

Endless possibilities for users with advanced technical knowledge. If you decide to take the coding route, you can intervene both on the module level and the website level. In the latter case, you have full control over the website. Permissions management for this type of access.



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