Streamlined editing across channels and devices

In a world where communication happens rapidly and over multiple channels, adaptability is key. Businesses that can navigate changes well are more likely to succeed in customer engagement. It takes a lot to ensure consistent and efficient communication with your target groups. One of the ingredients is a system for streamlined content editing across channels and devices.

Infosit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a powerful sales and marketing platform that facilitates the input, updates, and management of all information from a central location. Ensuring consistency and promptness, it streamlines communication across different channels and devices.

Multi-channel integration with Infosit DXP

Infosit DXP integrates with various touchpoints, such as TV systems, websites, IP phones, digital signage screens, mobile applications, and more.

Maximize the potential of TV systems

TV systems have become a common communication channel to connect with target audiences. Nowadays, you see TVs everywhere - in hotel rooms, lobbies, waiting areas, train stations, and other spaces where connecting with your target audience is crucial.

TV systems serve as dynamic platforms for sharing a range of information, from essential service details to reinforcing brand identity through visually engaging content. Regardless of the content type - whether it's digital photos, videos, or text - DXP simplifies the input, editing, and sharing through its central system using "share data" and "publication place“ features. The display adapts to the TV screens' interface, ensuring a memorable user experience.

If there's a need for a more extensive dataset exclusively for TV systems, DXP enables editors to input channel-specific information, allowing for the creation of special offerings for your target audience.

An example of this is a hotel room TV displaying exclusive offers for your guests! Leveraging the CRM data, DXP will facilitate personalization, creating a unique experience for your guest.

Enhance engagement with digital signage

When it comes to touchpoints like digital signage - interactive screens that users can engage with, embedding entire websites on those screens is not only a smart choice but also aligns with the adaptability of today's responsive websites to both horizontal and vertical displays.

Create a custom interface tailored for this touchpoint. Ensure it aligns with your unique requirements and complements its size and purpose. Regardless of whether you want to facilitate access to information or to showcase your offering, digital signage is a valuable communication spot.

Well-known examples include waiting rooms and hotel lobbies equipped with digital signage, displaying daily offers or other kinds of information.

Infosit DXP streamlines the integration process by enabling easy referencing to data sources. Simply input a URL link, and the content hosted at that link seamlessly appears on your digital screen. Alternatively, integration can be done using APIs, providing unparalleled flexibility in shaping your digital communication.

Streamlined editing with Infosit DXP

Simplify your content management and boost your digital presence with the streamlined editing capabilities of Infosit DXP. This powerful platform offers efficient content sharing through two key methods: share data and publication place. These features allow you to make the most of your content across digital channels and devices while maintaining consistency and full control.

Publication place

By keeping content input and editing in a single place – within the CMS from which it is shared – it enables smooth digital handling of your sales and marketing activities.

Share data

To boost efficiency and eliminate redundant data entries, the share data feature enables seamless content sharing with other systems from a central hub. This not only reduces data storage needs but also speeds up the setup of new pages.

For instance, non-frequently changing data, such as generic info, can be quickly shared using the share data option. This significantly shortens the time it takes to set up a new page and enhances overall implementation efficiency. Shared content can be set to read-only, ensuring control and quick sharing, while giving editors exclusive rights to edit and add new content.

Alternatively, the editor receiving the shared content can be granted editing privileges, proving invaluable in scenarios like content localization, where editors can optimize their workflow.

This collaborative approach saves editors valuable time by eliminating the need for repetitive tasks on multiple pages, improving workflow and ensuring consistent communication across all web pages, thereby enhancing your overall business efficiency.

Unlock the power of Infosit DXP platform and transform the way you share and present content across your digital channels and devices.



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