What’s next in campsite management software?

As the hospitality industry enters the post-COVID recovery, the significance of software and mobile devices is even more evident than before. What’s next in campsite management software? What does the future hold? Croatian Camping Union asked several established IT companies and experts to offer their views.

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Our CEO Goran Mrvoš said campsites could benefit from artificial intelligence, from the next-gen websites and online sales channels, and the improved availability of services and experiences made possible by the software.

Artificial intelligence

The potential of artificial intelligence in this area is huge. It promises to make digital solutions work better and smarter - in tune with the desired business outcomes. In this decade, campsites could improve operations and service quality through the use of AI components. Predictive analysis will play a major role and sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and other AI sub-areas.

This does not mean that all of a sudden, robots will start operating campsites. On the contrary, we should expect campsite management software to gradually add AI capabilities to improve specific areas of campsite functioning. This can be anything from relieving the burden from receptionists to helping controllers navigate complex, personalised interactions with each customer and making sure they get the experience they want. Software solutions built with this in mind can help boost customer satisfaction and the campsite earning potential.

Supporting new social norms

With campsites adapting to new social norms, which include distancing and caution with face-to-face interactions, computers and mobile devices - powered by software - are likely to be used in new ways by both campsite management and their guests. The need for designing unintrusive services can be expected to steer campsites towards greater experimentation with digital - if only to stay ahead in the digital game. Many will seek solutions through software and mobile platforms as means of providing superb digital experiences.

Boosting your own sales channels

Should campsites focus on their direct sales channels or use intermediaries to a greater extent? This question has been around ever since online travel agencies rose to prominence, and it doesn’t lend itself to a simple answer. There is plenty of reason for partnering with OTAs, just as there is plenty of reason to work towards selling more via your own websites. In fact, many campsites took steps towards improving their direct bookings. Software and digital tools are key to this and will play a significant role in how campsite offerings are marketed and sold in the future.

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