The beauty of working as a senior developer in an Istria-based company

If you are a senior developer looking for opportunities to grow in seniority, you may be surprised to find them in Porec, Istria. That is - if you are not yet familiar with our crew at Infosit.

As the team behind some of the critical IT systems for major hospitality companies, we are serious about seniority in software development. We find delight in the quality of stuff we build, and we are careful to preserve our culture of learning and respect which we have nourished ever since we started out in software two decades ago.

How we see seniority in software development

First of all, we believe a developer with experience can expand his or her technology stack faster, and master a new language or concept fairly quickly, if they are motivated for such a move.

Second, although seniority in software development is closely tied with work experience, we believe it takes more than spending a certain number of years in software development. Surely, the understanding of architectures and technologies is important, but so is awareness of what you wish to pursue in your professional life.

We believe in a learning mindset and a willingness to take on challenges - they take experienced coders far into senior-level positions. Perspective is important, too.

-If you have been around for 15 or 20 years, you have likely seen technology shifts, paradigms coming and going. You have seen trends and things that stood the test of time. You saw examples of pivotal work that shaped how the digital world evolved in years or even decades into the future. With this you have probably accumulated knowledge and developed a perspective which allows you to make better decisions, our Chief Solutions Architect Dolores Koverlica says.

Our Damir Muhovic likes to say seniority is about finding your niche and becoming very good at it. Once you get there, you will be able to work across programming languages, with outstanding results in different projects and settings, Damir says.

The road to achieving work-life balance

Having in mind how important work-life balance is, we make sure to walk our talk and remain thoughtful about it. We find it essential for productivity at work, as well as for our overall well-being. Our culture reflects our care for work–life balance strongly, resting on values such as open communication, respect, and flexibility. These values run deep across the company, and we are very careful about them flourishing in the future. Finally, we are deeply concerned for the creative part of software development. Your colleagues and superiors at Infosit are careful to encourage you when you come up with an idea or a suggestion for improvement.

The company mission - From your vision, we create success stories, has been thought out to last and remain true not only to how we treat our customers, but also to how we treat our employees.

Finally, we allow ourselves to delight in the fact that we build great software out of Istria, which pioneered a lot of the global achievement in software in the past decades. Our home region is about great standards of living, about multicultural ambiance and healthy lifestyles - you will get to enjoy it even if you choose to work remotely.

If you seek your opportunity to learn new stuff, work on great projects and build an outstanding work-life balance, get in touch with our team!

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