Senior-level professionals:
Finding the right opportunity,
and people to work with

An exciting space at the core of digital transformation, IT certainly has opportunities for senior-level professionals to advance their careers and build work-life balance. Yet, what seems like an abundance of choice can overwhelm, and make finding the right opportunity harder.

Infosit is one of those tech businesses that's been around for a while, growing over the years in the beautiful coastal town of Porec, and gathering talented individuals around its vision. Respect, tolerance and dialogue rank high on their list of priorities, making for strong pillars of an authentic, lasting culture. Seniority is valued highly - there are structures and processes for the right people to get into senior roles, and excel in them over the long run. But, what else to expect and look for on your way to a high-quality senior role in IT?

1. Transparency and sharing

Inspiring and forward-looking tech companies are all about transparency. They promote openness and free flow of information, which is rooted in a belief that sharing ideas and knowledge is vital for the success of individuals and organisations alike. At Infosit this is done in multiple, structured ways, including plenary meetings in which we celebrate success, give and get credit, and discuss company performance.

2. A culture of coaching and feedback

Nowadays IT companies will offer education and networking opportunities in your field of specialization. To that, Infosit will add mentoring and coaching for senior-level professionals, much needed when making those challenging steps forward in your career. When you assume a higher level of responsibility which comes with managerial roles, having a great mentor will be key to a smooth transition.

Furthermore, Infosit has invested time and effort into developing a culture of feedback. The crew has grown strong through learning about how to give and receive constructive, well-structured feedback, and they will often advocate it in their professional interactions.

3. Leadership models to look up to

Modern tech companies are often started and grown by self-made individuals – visionaries and leaders with outstanding knowledge and unique insights into business, cooperation, and growth. Working around such people can be inspiring and satisfying, and push you further in your own personal development. This aspect of the IT industry has grown in importance in recent years - leaders and founders are held in high esteem as mentors who can help unlock the full potential in people seeking to advance their careers.

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