Porec software company Infosit celebrates 20 years in business

POREC, December 15, 2022 The software company Infosit turns 20 years of business on Friday. Started in Porec in 2002, it has grown from two employees to today's 25, while building considerable expertise, a mentoring system and a reputation in the business community by working with large enterprise clients.

Known as the creators of robust platforms representing the cornerstone of the integration of complex tools that drive online sales and marketing of medium-sized and larger tourism and hotel companies, as well as national associations such as the Camping Association of Croatia. The Valamar Group is one of their long-term clients. They also work with other companies and organizations from tourism, industrial and other fields.

I would say that the fact that we already delivered significant projects in the first wave of digitization was important for our positioning as a long-term partner in digital transformation. We were constantly learning and improving our competencies, processes, and work methods. While building an agile organization, we went through several important stages of development. We like to say that we grew together with clients and partners with whom we nurture long-term relationships, says Goran Mrvos, founder and director of Infosit.

Goran Mrvos, Dolores Koverlica

Alongside Mrvos, the company has been run by Dolores Koverlica, a passionate mathematician with a degree in computer science, who chose software business instead of a university career, and as a senior partner has played an important role in the company's growth, especially in the teams, knowledge and business expansion for over 17 years.

Mrvos did not founded the company right after finishing his mechanical engineering studies in Rijeka, during the first half of the 90s. Upon returning from the war during the mid-nineties, he pursued a programming career for a while, gaining valuable experience and acquaintances. Those were the early days of digitization, the floppy disks, and black and white computer screens. The Internet was not yet widely in use, and software has been delivered for individual computers. Nevertheless, it was clear that a new era was dawning and that digitization would change the way of lives and businesses. He was diligently thinking about entering the entrepreneurship scope.

Hospitality projects

On December 16, 2002, Mrvos registered Infosit craft company, while two years later he founded an LLC under the same name, which has been operating without interruption to this day.

When we delivered the first elaborate software straight away from my living room in Varvari near Porec, we felt like the most fortunate guys in the world, Mrvos recalls.

From the very beginning, he focuses on mentoring talented students and graduates, building around himself a team of future experts who take on more and more corporate responsibilities and thus building the organization. Mutual respect and considerations are values that are associated with Infosit by many – and not without a reason.

We care deeply about our company culture and values. We live by them both inside and outside the company, and we believe that they have been an excellent foundation for the past 20 years. What makes us special? I would say that we are always ready for change, we encourage different opinions, we value everyone’s contribution within the team. We are eager to learn, we accept responsibility. We believe that the business-private life balance is important and that it should be nurtured to lead a fulfilling life, says Dolores Koverlica.

Infositters in the Porec' office

Besides, Infositters are great advocates of living and working in Istria, which has grown into an important center of technology and innovation over the past ten years.

In Porec, just a step away from the sea, we are surrounded all year round by the beauty of the Adriatic, rich cultural heritage, and active vacation opportunities; we work in, by many standards, the healthiest city in Croatia, where the number of children is constantly increasing. We believe that today in Istria you can work at the same time on the most challenging software projects, while enjoying the benefits of climate, sea, food and quality free time, remarks Mrvos.

What the future holds for them?

We plan to increase the focus on our strengths, the first of which is the digital transformation of tourist organizations, as a niche in which we have a lot of knowledge and experience, and the implementation of our DXP solution where necessary. In addition to our presence in the markets of Croatia and Slovenia, we plan to enter the markets of EU countries, either independently or accompanying our strategic partners. We are empowering the existing teams and forming new ones that will take care of deliveries and master the international market workflows, thereby further strengthening our position as a leader in the IT4hospitality niche, announces Mrvos.

In their own Porec and Istria, Infositters do enjoy a great reputation, but are nevertheless well networked and recognized in the software community in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split. Widely known for being members of several initiatives, associations’ donors as well as well-known blood donors.

Infosit is a co-founder of the non-profit association ICT Istria. In 2020, Mrvos is elected president of the Association for IT at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce; among other things, he achieved enunciating the local IT sector as a strategic economic branch in Croatia.

Marking a vicennial corporate presence, Infosit plans to celebrate with employees and partners, thus symbolically marking its great jubilee throughout the year 2023.

20 years of work with strong values and mission



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