Our super-ladies of digital: Dolores Koverlica and Mirta Stefanac

Diversity has a lot to do with innovation and business success. Increasingly, tech companies are concerned with building an inclusive culture and making sure the contribution of women can shine to the fullest.

What is the influence of women in the world of digital innovation? How to find your career opportunity in tech that matches your ambitions? What is the best way to get started, and prosper over the longer run?

Hear our Dolores Koverlica and Mirta Stefanac reflect on these topics at Let’sGrow! conference, taking place on Thursday, May 25 in Pula’s Park Plaza Histria hotel.

They will join a group of inspiring ladies (all working in tech) to discuss challenges and opportunities for women in this fast-growing industry. Monika Ivanovic of Infobip will moderate the panel, titled ICT supergirls.

After graduating from one of the country’s top universities, Dolores joined Infosit as a full-time employee. At that time, they were a team of three tech enthusiasts. Over the next 18 years, Infosit became an organisation of 25 employees. Dolores played a massive role in expanding the dev teams, the tech stack and a culture of continuous learning. Growing into the roles of Chief Tehnology Architect and Partner was a journey of constant learning and change. Her decisions have steered Infosit as it remained true to its core values and culture.

Mirta joined Infosit as a frontend developer more than 5 years ago. A lively and positive spirit, she spent time living abroad and still likes to hop into the digital nomad mode. Every once in a while you will see her connecting to calls from exotic places, far away from her hometown of Rijeka. While studying, she moved between Zagreb and Varazdin. Her experience spans tech support, IT consulting, frontend and web development. She spent some months working in sales, too. A while ago, she took on a new role in becoming a team leader. A person that shows admirable respect to others, Mirta will listen carefully to what people are trying to get across.

-In the fast-changing tech landscape, continuous learning and upskilling are crucial. Role models play a big role in inspiring and motivating women to pursue careers in tech. Also, challenges and opportunities for women vary across regions and cultures. If we can use the panel to shed light on some of these topics, and hear the unique perspectives of all of my six guests, I will consider the panel a success, Monika Ivanovic said.

Save the date, and join us for the ICT Supergirls talk in Pula! You can check the conference program here.

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