Luka Gjuric:
My summer internship at Infosit

My six-week dev internship at Infosit was a valuable experience on many levels. Besides teaching me skills and giving me an insight into the functioning of a software company, it had a positive effect on how I see my studies - having seen how real software building looks like, I became more aware of the value of things we learn at the university.

Luka Gjuric at the Infosit office

Learning and exploring

I got to know Visual Studio (which I hadn’t used before), C# programming language and .NET framework. I started off with Unit testing for the existing methods in projects related to operations performed on photos.

I spent most of my time learning and exploring, as I hadn’t written tests before. Designing test cases helped me to get to know company projects and their components. I took to finding and correcting bugs on an internal project, which gave me exposure to SQL Server and stuff around databases.

Joining a dev team

They were just starting to build a new feature on a major project related to content editing. For the first couple of days, I was learning about the project and participating in conversations and discussions on the feature my team was planning to implement, focusing on user expectation analyses and brainstorming about possible and optimal solutions.

I would recommend this program to other students and encourage them to apply. At Infosit, they are very open-minded and flexible, both towards their employees and their interns. They are interested in students’ wishes and affinities.

Things falling into place

I got an insight into front-end, content management and publishing (css, js, html), and even more exposure to the back-end code and SQL queries and procedures. There was a portion of work in which we made substantial changes to a webpage – that required a lot of new code.

We did a lot of testing throughout the process. Towards the latter stages of development, we focused on presenting what had been done, i.e. how a demo could look like.

Our university program generally includes lab exercises with algorithms and programs containing one or a few classes tops. At Infosit I got acquainted with big, complex projects that require serious organisation. Since these are managed by a larger team, I got to know the principles of code sharing.

At the beginning, things were challenging because I didn’t know much about the Visual Studio dev environment. After a week or two, things started to fall into place and I was able to focus on the code itself. I had the support of other team members whenever I needed it. I also participated in meetings with employees from other companies, where I was able to share my thoughts and ideas and, more importantly, got an insight into theirs. I believe this internship program is meticulously planned and well adapted to young people - from the moment you walk through the company door to your last day there.

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