Festive annual reception

Infositters reflected on 2021 and unite ahead of 2022. The evening went by in a cheerful tone, ending in seasons’ greetings and best wishes.
DATE 23 December 2021LOCATIONPorec (Croatia)

It started off with welcome drinks, lunch buffet and casual chatting, as Infositters met up at their headquarters in Porec for the end of year reception, and some quality time together. The mood was festive from the late morning, with most of the merry team arriving around noon, and warming up for the rest of the celebrations which lasted well into the night.

Like every year, company founder and CEO Goran Mrvos presented business highlights and developments of the past 12 months, accentuating focus areas for 2022 and beyond. His annual speech was an opportunity to unveil the recently articulated and illustrated company mission, which captures the fundamentals of Infosit’s work with customers.

It also brings the organisation closer together for the future, expected to see digitisation progressing in businesses and organisations on all levels, amidst the post-covid recovery and the need to improve competitive advantage via digital. Clarity of the Infosit mission also bears significance in light of an important jubilee, as this software firm is heading towards its two decades in business.

In the culture champions ceremony, Infosit recognised and awarded employees who live and demonstrate their values the best. Voting was anonymous - all the employees could cast their vote for those colleagues they thought deserved the individual award most. Management was excluded from both nominations and voting.

Nikola Radic was chosen by his colleagues as an embodiment of responsibility, while Sebastijan Sinozic was recognised for being most true to the flexibility value. Infositters picked Ketrin Hrvatin as the champion in building long-term relationships. Josip Dudas took the award as a champion in work-life balance, while Lean Pilar did the same for lifelong development.

Infositter of the year award followed - it is handed to the person who, in the opinion of teammates, acted most by the Infosit values and left a particularly strong mark as a colleague. This year it went to Marko Glavas. His positive attitude and sense of humour make him a great guy to work with; he never ceases to amaze with his ability to gather people around him and see things done.

Damir Muhovic was picked as the Most prominent Infosit employee of 2021. Colleagues believe he stood out most, contributing exceptionally to the development and success of Infosit in the past 12 months. His views of personal growth, seniority and purpose remain an inspiration to many.

The collective guessing of who’s who on the childhood photos brought bursts of laughter and joy, as well as compliments to Federica Mendizza Muhovic for organising the game.

Later on the party moved to a fabulous rural tavern just outside Porec; as local delicacies kept arriving to the table, Marko Maric probably expressed the impression of many when he praised both the menu choice and efforts involved in food preparation. In the pub-style quiz that followed, David Kreso proved to be a capable quiz leader, alongside Ana Milanovic and other talented masters.

The evening went by in a cheerful tone, ending in seasons’ greetings and best wishes, as Infosit started their annual break lasting until January the 4th.

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