Hitting the big 20!

This year Infosit will be hitting a huge milestone – our 20 years in business. It is hard to believe it’s been so long since a handful of coders started what would become the software company that we are today. And here we are, still in our hometown, still devoted to our deepest values, and very much excited about things we will do in the future.

The two decades took us on a journey of self-discovery, of humbleness and constant change as we grew in size, knowledge, projects and client base. Early on, we realised that only continuous learning, paired with understanding of the market needs and business value creation will enable us for long-term success. Today, we are happy to reflect on the journey in which we laid stable foundations for future ventures.

Back in the early 2000s, we operated in a different environment. We started in the early days of the internet, when data was stored on CDs, and 1 GB seemed like a huge unit. Smartphones and cloud were yet to come into existence. Through constant learning and a drive for innovation, we grew and built our expertise, both in technology and business. Over time, we went from a pure service-orientation to developing our own products. The need to meet and exceed customer expectations always guided our strategy.

We have helped many large hospitality organisations and public institutions in their digital transformation. Nowadays, we are supporting other types of organisations and industries, too, as they digitise business processes and adopt new technologies. The rationale is clear - we live in times when technology changes companies, societies and individuals; software and digital solutions are enabling change, and that is here to stay. As companies and institutions rethink their operations, and how they deliver value to their users, we are here to enable them to achieve their business goals more effectively.

All along, our people have been our key strength. By choosing to invest in the personal and career growth of our people, we helped them reach their full potential. Their dedication and hard work got us to where we are today.

Chief Solutions Architect and company director Dolores Koverlica, the key partner in business for more than 15 years, has played a fundamental role in the Infosit growth. Her strategic insight and decisions have led us to better outcomes, steering Infosit in the right direction as the company grew in both prosperous and challenging times. Her role will only grow in importance and impact, moving forward. A top graduate of the Faculty of Science, with degrees in maths and information science in her pocket, Dolores could choose between many options, including an academic career in the capital.

Goran Mrvos and Dolores Koverlica at our annual gathering

I was attracted to the values I saw in the Infosit team. They resonated deeply with my own thinking and how I thought about purpose in what I ultimately choose as my future job. A lot of that came from Goran’s personality, his positive attitude, and an enthusiasm for technology. I saw a lot of respect, and a deep appreciation for the other side, whether it was a new teammate, a client, a partner or competitor. We are very much alike in the values we live. But on top of that, we share a perspective on how business growth and challenges should be managed, which is where the synergy stemms from, Dolores said.

Our journey would not have been possible without our clients and partners – it is an honour to think back and reflect on some truly amazing things we did together. It remains our privilege to learn from and with you, to get inspired, to broaden horizons and venture into new projects.

Expectations for this year are positive, despite the political instability in Eastern Europe and the energy crisis that could impact travel, and consequently the pace of investment into digital projects. As the market recovers from the COVID-19 turmoil, we believe a different perspective on the pandemic will start shaping up. This could open up new opportunities for digital solutions, primarily in tourism, which expects recovery and new investments into digitalisation. Again, digitisation is not a trend or something that will go away - it is a real need, and it improves business outcomes. Fierce competition has pushed some industries to digitise faster. Others, like hospitality, compete globally, and we compete with our solutions globally.

In 2022, we will continue listening and adapting to market requirements. We expect our growth to continue further. However, we are not focusing on rapid expansion. Rather, we care deeply about our business stability, and we have planned our growth to occur largely through the expansion to other industries, especially those in which digital transformation is still slow, such as transportation and logistics.

So much to reflect on, so much to look forward to!

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