RESinfoSIT helps your Internet visitors to easily find information about the accommodation they are looking for/interested in and to directly book their stay!

Only 5 steps to book a vacation:

  • Pick a period
  • Look at the availability calendar and pick an accommodation type
  • Enter personal data
  • Confirm your data
  • Get a booking confirmation via email


RESinfoSIT is primarily intended for companies that want to completely manage their capacity and booking processes.



- more then 20 campsites
- more then 20 hotels

Through RESinfoSIT, potential guests can easily find information about offered accommodation units, prices, availability and most of all - book their desired accommodation during their desired period. Reception desk and sales staff are assured of having a simple overview of the occupancy calendar for a specific period, detailed information about all reservations, and above all it ensures fast and simple changes.

How does it work?

It consist of three connected subsystems:

  1. GUI (frontend) – the part that the potential guest sees and uses. It contains a series of booking steps.. It enables you to show your potential guests all the information about the accommodation, prices, booking conditions, object map, and all other information.
  2. CP (control panel) – allows you to completely manage the GUI content through managing your accommodation capacities: opening or closing of sales of some or all accommodation types for a specific period or completely for the season, promo codes, etc….
  3. AGENT is used by call center agents for potential guests that want to make a reservation by phone or email. Additionally it allows your staff to book the same way as your potential guests do - directly through your website, with additional options and information for staff only (for example: number of available accommodation units, or different booking condition – if a price list condition is to allow booking only from Saturday to Saturday, agents can be allowed to book on any other day).

Technical information

RESinfoSIT is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL relationship database which ensures a high quality base for future functional development.

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