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Managing web presence for large organisations has gained complexity, with the ever-growing number of platforms, devices and digital touchpoints to serve. In response, companies are increasingly opting for the so-called decoupled content management systems (CMS). A decoupled (headless) CMS is not tied to any particular front end. Rather, it makes your content available via APIs to be displayed on any device. Gartner labels such solutions as digital experience platforms.
Edit CMS

Our latest instance of EDIT is exactly that. Built by the Infosit developers, EDIT 3.0 makes it easier for large systems to manage their complex web presence while ensuring high standards in data security, technical support and ongoing development. It has on-premise installation options for higher data security.

Use EDIT 3.0 to structure your content in ways that will allow you to present it on any platform or device easily. As a Microsoft licensed partner, Infosit has rich experience in 3rd party integrations, in which we orchestrate digital experiences in ways your customers find valuable.

Edit CMS

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