Our usual practice is based on PMI principles.

Both the Client and the contractor should appoint a member of their own staff to act as project manager and team coordinator, so as to ensure all agreed deadlines are met and the project is managed efficiently.

Communication between the two project teams should be carried out by the project managers preferably via email. In cases where there needs to be a more urgent communication, or where something requires more clarification, then a telephone call may be needed - in which case a written record of the conversation should be sent by email.

Efficient and structured communications are an essential element for project success, so any delays in giving feedback could affect project delivery deadlines.

We are known for finishing our projects on time and on budget, whilst skilfully managing delivered functionalities and ensuring that the end result is a high quality project.

management system

DMS is a solution created by combining different subsystems from our portfolio

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mobile POS

FiskalPhone is an Android mobile application. We are looking for worldwide distributors

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If you need help, we are ready to assist you with our expertise. Pick one or more of our skills

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