Who we are

We don’t call Infosit teams’ members "our people". Our clients do!

Our clients refer to us as "our people"

We see ourselves as hardcore software developers and top-notch project managers.

Do you know why sometimes our clients envy us? It’s not because we are experts at what we do and that we can adapt quickly to finding better solutions. They say: “If these things are important for you then lets meet to begin solving your digital issues today.”

Some facts about us

nights50 +cups of coffee a day
nights25 +nice people
nights100 +successful projects

They say: "Infosit is one of us."

We always ask our clients: “Is it important to you that we care about your business results and your people? Is it important to you that the project is no one-time thing, that we remember for you and think ahead for you? Is it important to you that we are there for you when you need it and how you need it?”

If you also think that this could be of importance to you, please meet the ones who make it happen. Those "nice people who care."

Got a project? Let's discuss!

Whether you need to create a new product from scratch, drastically improve a product or give your team an innovative kick, AJ&Smart has you covered. To know more, request a consultation through this form


United Kingdom

71-75 Shelton Street, London
Greater London WC2H 9JQ
+44 118 907 6595
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M. Vlasica 26/31
52440, Porec
+385 52 452 259
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Drop us a line on hello@infosit.com

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