QAinfoSIT implementation

ClientCimos Group PROJECT GOALQAinfoSIT was developed to meet customer need for continuous manufacturing data collection from several factory locations in real-time. The result is improved productivity, efficiency and costs.Product pageQAinfoSIT
Automated data collectionSPCManufacturingDigitalni proizvodi

Hundreds of person-hours were spent to develop, test and finalize an application to meet client needs fully. The application sends real-time information and required reports to a centralized engineering department, where the collected data can be examined and monitored, and predict variances vs the required standards.

Cimos' thoughts on Infosit

Their quick reaction time for any of our questions was impressive. We efficiently gather all the relevant data in one place and leverage our transparency."

We delivered solution for Cimos Group by:

  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Pointing out possible problems and providing solutions
  • Collaborating and researching with the Rijeka University, Faculty of Engineering

Infosit services included in this project:

  • Consulting
  • Implementation of product QAinfoSIT
  • Custom development
  • API development and integration

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