Drive revenue growth with a fully-integrated destination management platform

In a highly competitive industry dominated by the big online travel agents (OTAs), increasing brand loyalty and boosting direct bookings is the key to growth. A fully-integrated, and proven hospitality platform, Infosit’s Destination Management Framework (DMF) empowers you to meet today’s challenges while evolving as consumer demands change. Fully customisable and easy to use, it promotes brand identity, reduces dependence on booking sites with high commission fees, and increases ROI.

Backed by an expert support team, the platform provides all the tools you need to generate brand awareness, increase conversion, minimise cancellations, and recover abandoned bookings. With its scalable, multichannel, and feature-rich architecture, it gives you a 360-degree view of your clients, allowing you to engage them directly, tailor experiences to meet their needs, and build consumer loyalty.

A hospitality engine customised to meet your unique needs

Based on our extensive experience in the hospitality industry, we know exactly how to transform your vision into a digital solution that converts. We’re continually analysing new trends in the use of web technologies, website and web app development, and changes in search engine algorithms to understand what you need to take advantage of new opportunities. Combining our Destination Management Framework with our expertise and your experience, we’ll build you a solution to drive brand awareness and loyalty, increase conversion, and boost profits.

But that’s not all! Driven by ever-changing consumer demands and industry forces, we’ll help you evolve and reinvent your hospitality platform as needed, adding new features and functionality to ensure you retain your competitive edge. Our technical and business support plans ensure that your platform and content are up-to-date, search engine optimized (SEO), and carefully monitored to guarantee optimal operations.

Intuitive frontend

Designed to increase brand awareness and loyalty, we’ll build a bespoke frontend that’s fast, intuitive, and easy to use. Encompassing the conceptual framework, wireframing, web design, development, deployment, and testing, you’ll get a seamless, all-inclusive solution that increases guest engagement, boosts direct sales, and reduces costs.

Managed content

Converting your website into a powerful, multichannel sales and marketing tool, we’ll develop the APIs needed to integrate and leverage data from different sources. Populating our custom-built, multi-lingual content management system (CMS)—tailored to meet the needs of your data models—with high-quality content increases engagement by delivering the right message through the right channel at the right time in the right language.

Dynamic personalisation

Built-in intelligence creates unique, tailored user experiences based on user location, initial input, or previous interactions. The system queries multiple data sources and dynamically composes and presents a unique view of destinations, facilities, experiences, and special offers—customised for each visitor.

3rd party integration

Increase the scope, scale, and profitability of your business—without increasing your workload—by seamlessly synchronizing inventory and integrating data from 3rd party platforms. These include internet booking engines, customer relationship and property management platforms, loyalty programs, and automated marketing and analytics systems.

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