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Infosit Digital Experience Platform


NEW in 2022: Digital sales and marketing for hospitality
Digitalwxperience platform

Are you ready to win over OTAs?

We build your own individual sales channel with all the advanced and up-to-date features.

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Digital experience platform

Improve your conversion rates and total revenue

Start paying commissions to yourself and keep the lion share of the mark-up.

  • Communicate with your target guests
  • Implement multiple channels, used by your guests
  • Fast reaction in your last minute offers
  • Different landing pages for your special offers
  • Easy pricing for dynamic and loyalty programs

Your investment will pay for itself

Positive ROI is in both higher mark-ups and cost cutting.

  • You do more work with less manpower
  • You don’t need specialist skills to operate the system
  • Shorter onboarding with reduced risk of human errors
  • You reduce your average cost per unit sold
  • You reduce costs of new features and customization
Digital experience platform
Digitalwxperience platform

Stop leaving money on the table

Time to make your content management (CMS) efficient in marketing & sales efforts.

  • "Write once, read many times" optimizes time invested
  • Simultaneous work of different teams on your campaigns
  • Unclogging bottlenecks in your income-focused processes
  • Improving average sales per unit and per man-hour

Tech solutions behind our DXP

Flexible architecture and API-first solution to fit with what you need.

  • Reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Scalable service-oriented architecture
  • Secure and integrated access
  • Third-party integration framework
Digitalwxperience platform

Why choose Infosit?

We understand that your objective is all about your business results.

Your guests and your people deserve it

Tell us your business vision and let’s start building fantastic experiences!

Delight your guests with your personalized approach, delight your people with easy and creative tools. Your improved business results are the highest value in the ongoing story of success.