MindFolk podcast with Goran Mrvoš

Hear our founder Goran Mrvos in an enlightening conversation with Brian Pagán, whose popular MindFolk podcast explores human creativity and mindful innovation. In half an hour talk Goran discusses empathy, customer success, as well as remote working and how it affects company culture.

 Goran Mrvos

Infosit gave serious thought to fulfilling the social gap which appeared with Covid-19 when teams not only went working from home over an extended period of time but were also left without the informal office interactions which were an important part of the company dynamics. To respond to the new reality, we began shaping informal teams to support people in adapting and opening up. Those were simply online groups consisting of different kinds of people and personalities.

“Such groups can help build our emotional intelligence (...), be more connected, understand each other and make better solutions,” Goran said. Sharing experiences and feelings in an informal way helped to further build up the trust necessary for internal cooperation in times when working from home lasted for many months.

He touched on the importance of “digital detox”, especially in the Covid-19 era. If your work requires you to always be online, it is important to take one or two hours every day to connect with yourself. Only then can you maintain the energy level, focus and youthful mindset that is characteristic of Inosit. “Being young in the soul is not a matter of years, but of mindset. So stay young and playful at heart”, Goran concluded. Listen to the podcast here.

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