JumpIT Forum '21

The conference saw a number of IT, telco, and finance
professionals in attendance.
DATE28-29 September, 2021LOCATIONHotel Antunovic, Zagreb (Croatia)

At this year’s Jump IT Forum a lot has been said about how organisations ran projects amidst the pandemic, how to keep delivering value moving forward, and what's in store for the IT, telecom, and finance sectors in the next 12 months. With the post-covid recovery kicked off, IT continues to enable industries for digital transformation on multiple levels, delegates said. That should go hand in hand with business value creation and end-user satisfaction.

TV host Iva Sulentic and Infosit’s Marko Glavas

The conference was a valuable opportunity for insights into the current state of the Croatian IT market, offering perspectives of companies of all sizes. Participants looked into the importance of project management and empowerment when delivering top-notch digital solutions to businesses and organisations. It applies to both tailor-made solutions and integrations of turnkey products.

Companies are struggling with the lack of skilled workforce, delegates stressed. Regulation usually lags behind market developments; education could benefit from initiatives to boost quality. Recognising the digital economy as a separate vertical could both help increase its value and yield gains in the national economy as a whole, participants said.

Panel discussion on best practices and lessons learned in project management during the pandemic
Luka Prosic of Infobip

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