Elements of AI

Over the last years, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have led companies to explore how they can use it at various points of their business processes. Many implementations of machine learning are already operational, powering software to deliver better outcomes for organisations. Natural language processing has made substantial leaps forward as well.

Further developments in AI will affect industries across the spectrum, with hospitality and travel being no exceptions. More and more powerful hardware and software are coming our way, and AI will create entirely new opportunities for flexible and efficient business.

 Elements of AI

Infosit embraced the wave quite some time ago. Our Campcierge app, used in dozens of campsites, has a built-in machine learning capability. It can come up with recommendations for camp controllers, based on guest preferences and behaviours. In a category that maps businesses with AI as part of their central offering, we are also listed in AI Landscape, a directory of organisations operating in artificial intelligence space.

More recently, several of our employees from Project Management and Marketing teams have enrolled in The Elements of AI series of free online courses. Created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki, these sessions encourage and open up learning about what artificial intelligence is, what it can (and can’t) do, and how to start creating AI methods. We are happy to recommend it as a great source of learning about the topic.

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