Donations worthy partners

We proudly support organisations which promote knowledge, education, and charity. Although the year 2020 was challenging, we were happy to donate to reputable partners known for excellence in education and STEM. All also foster lifelong learning, persistence, and modesty – values we believe are essential to good organisations, and good communities.

 Donations from Infosit

Višnjan Observatory has long been an oasis of science, astronomy, and STEM education. It is also a popular destination for school trips and family visits. Many companies visit this special place, too. The versatile activity of volunteers gathered around Višnjan Observatory spans almost 3 decades. They’ve been one of the world’s most successful organisations in discovering and observing asteroids; they run summer science programs for talented children and host lectures and events. And that’s really only a small portion of what they do, so we were proud to support their effort.

Juraj Dobrila Grammar and Vocational School is an institution of unique history, which has provided high school education to many IT leaders and founders over the last 30 years. With their reliance on open school principles and many of the cutting-edge practices they employ, we believe them to be among the cornerstones of education in our community.

We were also proud to contribute to Helping Is Always In, a charity with programs to help children and people in need.

We are proud of our blood donors. Tihana Buršić, Davor Peić, Sandi Milohanić, Nikola Radić and Dolores Koverlica are regular blood donors in our hometown Poreč. A unit of blood can help save three lives, which speaks volumes about the importance of donors and their deeds.

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