Croatian Camping Congress '21

The central gathering of industry professionals,
and a platform for knowledge sharing.
DATE08-10 December, 2021LOCATIONTerme Tuhelj (Croatia)

What are the avenues of digital transformation in campsites, major contributors to the national hospitality industry? Did we truly grasp the digitisation of campsites? Do we still associate it with software purchases?

The topic stirred debate at the Croatian Camping Congress 2021, as knowledgeable panellists came together to share fresh insight. Infosit founder and CEO Goran Mrvos led the session, with speakers including Vlaho Mihac of Phobs, Alen Salamun of Gaveia and Iija Brajkovic of Kontra.

Vlaho Mihac, Goran Mrvos, Alen Salamun and Ilija Brajkovic

Digitisation takes commitment and a particular mindset; it is a huge opportunity, while at the same time calling for broader understanding and change, panellists said. There can be little doubt that digital transformation has affected campsite management on all levels. It will be a major source of competitive advantage moving forward, they believe.

Goran Mrvos led the panel discussion on digital transformation

Campsites will likely benefit from the artificial intelligence opportunity, from the next-gen online sales channels, as well as the improved availability of services and experiences made possible by software and connected devices.

The Congress is traditionally hosted by the Croatian Camping Association. It has become the central gathering of camping industry professionals, and a platform for knowledge sharing. It offers insight into trends, perspectives, and future opportunities.

On this year’s agenda were EU funding opportunities, specifics of all-year-round campsites, reaching younger demographic via Tik-Tok and Instagram, accessibility of campsites and a dozen of other topics relevant to the success of Croatian campsites, consistently ranked among the best in Europe.

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