We were listed in AI Landscape

Infosit was recently listed in AI Landscape, a continually expanding directory of organizations operating in artificial intelligence space. Published in November 2020, AI Landscape was compiled by the Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association (CroAI). It is the first country-level registry of stakeholders in the AI ecosystem, including companies, startups, researchers, academia, and many others.

CROAI Landscape

Infosit is listed in the hospitality and tourism section, under the broader Companies & Startups category. This category maps businesses which have AI as part of their central offering. The recognition is valuable for Infosit, as we have devoted significant time and energy towards incorporating machine learning into our software in the past couple of years.

Our developers and product experts are constantly finding ways to boost our software performance and its value to customers. AI has opened new possibilities, and we have put it to use in our solutions for hospitality and travel. Our Campcierge app, used in dozens of campsites, has a built-in machine learning capability. It can come up with recommendations for camp controllers, based on guest preferences and behaviours.

The artificial intelligence space is in constant motion and developing fast. CroAI is devoted to keeping the AI Landscape up to date to reflect the most recent and most relevant state of the ecosystem. And we are excited about the ongoing AI projects at Infosit!

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