Employee of the year

The end of 2020 has had a special meaning for our Goran Šepić regarding his journey at Infosit. He was recognized for his talent, ability and hard work as the ‘Employee of the Year’, the first-ever title given at our company.

He came out on top in a survey which asked every employee at Infosit who should be given the title, and why. No names or candidates were offered in advance, as we wanted to capture the authentic pulse of the Infosit community and understand which people are valued most by their colleagues and peers. Our employees spoke beautifully on many of their coworkers, with Goran Šepić coming out on top.

 Employee of the year

Goran has graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and is also holding an MBA from the Cotrugli Business School. His contribution to the team and our entire organization has been outstanding throughout 2020. As our business development manager, he has led many of the key initiatives that resulted in improved processes and client satisfaction. His diligence and spirit constantly motivate others to perform at their best. To put it simply - Goran is a delight to work with and have around.

His achievement as the Employee of the Year will be reflected in more than the prestigious title. It earned him the award trip to the beautiful Dubrovnik for a group of five. We must say a massive thank you and congratulations for all the achievements and winning the title; it’s well deserved. Keep on rocking!

 Employee of the year

As we aim to keep this award-recognition program in the future, we look forward to highlighting many more of our great and hardworking people.

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