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Elements of AI

With more and more powerful hardware and software coming our way, artificial intelligence (AI) creates a multitude of opportunities for business across the board. We make sure we stay on top of it.

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Smart tourism

Digitalisation in tourism is no longer just an option but an imperative. It is a constituent part of a Smart Tourism initiative whose adoption can dramatically improve business outcomes.

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The employee of the year

The first-ever ‘Employee of the Year’ award given at Infosit went to our remarkable Goran Sepic. Known for his diligence and commitment to work, Goran is a delight to work with and an inspiration to many.

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Donations 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we are happy to have been able to donate to reputable partners in education, STEM and charity. In this spirit, we conclude this year, with best wishes for a prosperous and successful 2021!

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Movember at Infosit

The echoes of Movember still ring strong across our company. Ever since this movement took the world by the storm, we've devoted both time and lasting thought to men's health. Check our moustaches and beards!

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CRO AI Landscape

Infosit was recently listed in AI Landscape, a directory of organizations operating in the artificial intelligence space. Companies & Startups category maps businesses which have AI as part of their central offering.

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Team building 2020

To learn and grow, we must be aware of who we are, and we realise that by confiding in our colleagues. This event was an extraordinary occasion to exchange the lockdown experience due to COVID-19 pandemic and think about our team's new direction in the remote first concept.

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Work at home is here!

Due to the rise of the 'Covid-19' and its pandemic status, our community responsibility is to act. We have rolled out a mandatory work-from-home policy from Monday 16th 2020, in all our offices, until the further notice.

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B2B Marketing Expo 2019

This exhibition with more than 700 exhibitors from all branches and with 20.000 visitors from all over the world surely is a great opportunity for further networking, professional development and helping company sharing its vision and brand on an international level.

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Got a project? Let's discuss!

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