Operations are the glue that ensures stability for continuous development.

For every company, operations are critical to long-term success. Yes, we know “operations” can sound very Star Trek like, but they are crucial, especially during the transformation from a small start-up where everyone does virtually everything, to the point when business expands and new employees have to be hired and trained. In the rush to meet growing demand, companies often fail to establish a clear set of operational procedures. What is the result? A business breakdown: the company has no mechanism for quality control, software is delivered to customers before receiving approval, new requirements are handled chaotically, with no clear prioritization, and clients start to look for someone else to meet their needs.

We realized that having operational procedures, spelling out each team member’s duties and responsibilities, from the initial customer phone call or e-mail to live deployment, helps prevent such stressful situations, and allows all of us to devote more time to what we do best, and meet growing demand for raising business efficiency.

Key benefits of working with our operations are:

  • Quality assurance

    QA is applied in pre-production to verify that features and functionality meet business objectives, and that deliverables are bug-free prior to shipping or releasing new versions

  • Traceability

    You continually have a transparent overview of the entire process - from order, requirements, through development and acceptance to invoicing

  • Mitigate staff turnover

    Your business does not depend on one single person and his/her availability, knowledge is written and can be transferred to new staff members

  • Lessons learned

    We continually learn – experience from past projects becomes part of our operational procedures

We have always nurtured long term relationships with our clients and we are particularly proud of growing together. After a project is successfully finished, there is nothing better than a satisfied customer who wants to continue working with you.

This is where operations kick in – day-to-day communication with clients, processing requirements for continuous development & releases, supporting improvements, and merging requirements, design, and deliverables into a success story.

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