There is a veil of mysticism draped over the word „Development“, just as there is always a hint of early morning fog in Agatha Christie's novels. Certainly, software development has nothing to do with mysticism, quite the opposite in fact – it is very earthly, rational and apprehensible.

Our software development team is made of hand-pick individuals who love developing new solutions - building them from blocks made of a lot of experience and useful technologies. Of course, the team works closely with our scrum master and product owners.

We are a Microsoft certified partner, and our main expertise are web applications developed using Microsoft .NET framework and SQL server database, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and Css. However, our team is ready and willing to use any programming language or tool if it would suit better a particular project. Some of our applications are cloud-based and exploit all the benefits of the world acclaimed Microsoft Azure technology.

Guiding principles we apply are from Lean Thinking and Agile - depending on the circumstances, we use tools and techniques both from Scrum and Kanban – we could actually say we have created our own hybrid, customized to our and our clients’ needs and habits.

For a project to be successful, project management, testing and reliable post project operations are as vital as the expertise of our developers. A testing environment has been setup for projects we have workedn on. In addition to that, throughout the development lifecycle, we are focused on quality assurance, which is – to put it simply - very important.

We practice Application lifecycle management (ALM) on our long-term, continuously developed successful projects, which often have a staging environment, where new releases are delivered, content entered and afterwards synchronized to production.

Our primary aim is to create software for people to use and simplify everyday life and work. Today’s world is all about “time is money” and “make the most of what you have” – allow us to help you grow your internet business and boost your income - after all, that is what software is all about.

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