Upgrade your campsite operations with digital solutions

Everyone in this line of business knows that running campsite operations can be challenging. With so many units and dynamic offerings, and unpredicted situations arising under the sun with each new hour, a bit of automation or transferring parts of the work onto digital channels can seem like a dream come true.

Your team may be well prepared to run campsite operations, but if you lack tools to enable them for better efficiency, you might find it more difficult to build superior guest experiences.

Simplify business processes, improve user engagement

Indeed, campsites can benefit greatly from digital solutions. Automating a portion of operations can reduce the workload for employees, and lead to an increased productivity. Instead of having to handle endless paperwork and repetitive tasks, technology can empower employees to focus their valuable time on in-person interactions. They are oftentimes the cornerstone of travellers’ unique experiences.

What can a great campsite management app offer to your team?

  • Automation. Process automation can reduce the workload of receptionists, and lead to an increased productivity.
  • Simplification. Reduces the need for paperwork with fast, accurate, and up-to-date communication between the reception desk and on-site officers.
  • User-centricity. The intuitive interface allows camp officers to identify problems more quickly, correct deviations, transmit up-to-date reports, and receive updates.
  • Unification. When common campsite operations run on a single system, your campsite officers (both new hires and long-time employees) will have an easier time accessing whatever it is they need to manage the campsite smoothly.

When you invest in campsite management software that takes the requirements of your campsite professionals seriously, you’ll be well equipped to accelerate your campsite operations. That can easily translate into more revenue.

Take your campsite management to the next level

Enhance your operations with Campcierge, our in-house developed campsite management application, available for desktops and mobile devices. It is designed to help you automate common campsite operations. It reduces front-office workload and increases productivity, allowing you to focus on what matters most - improving your guest experience.

How users have rated it

Infosit automated our workflow so we could give more attention to the most important factor – guest satisfaction!
Campsite officer, Valamar

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