Top 10 reasons why Porec is a fantastic place to live and work in

We like to say that in Porec, a beautiful historical town right by the sea, we can have both a fulfilling work environment and everything we need for healthy, well-balanced living. Indeed, many people choose to move to Porec, both from Croatia and abroad, to build their home and career here. Check our top 10 reasons for Porec being a fantastic place to live and work in.

1. Convenience of everyday life

When you live and work here, the proximity of key infrastructure will make your daily life so much easier. With supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, and daycare centers all within close reach, you can tend to your daily needs without having to drive or walk far. This saves up time and energy. It allows you to build a more efficient and relaxed routine. Whether it's going to or from work or picking up children from school, you will find you can do things with ease, skipping the hassle and stress that go with city life.

2. Outstanding nature and climate

Owing to its location and its Mediterranean climate, this area boasts outstanding natural beauties. They span beaches and crystal clear sea, islands and islets, forests and hills. Within less than 30 kilometers, you can go on a boat trip, enjoy a beautiful bike or hiking trail, and get stunning views of the Adriatic sea. Nearby forests will take your breath away. Don’t be surprised if you learn that monuments you discover along the way date back to the old Roman, medieval or Venetian times. In Porec, you will have your share of the breathtaking nature and clean air, whether you choose to walk, run, cycle or play tennis. Many people here exercise out in the open, as our climate allows it throughout the year.

3. Adriatic Sea to enjoy throughout the year

It is an attribute with a capital "A". During long summers, it will be a welcome escape after a hard day's work. No matter where you live in and around Porec, you will soon discover you can get to the beach and go swimming within 15 minutes. If you go after work, in the early evening, you might be surprised with the kind of space and beauty you will have for yourself. There aren’t that many places in the world to offer this type of addition to your regular working day. Whether you go for a run, walk your dog, or take a relaxing walk, spending time by the sea will be beneficial. When you live so close to the beach, it can be like your vacation lasts all year long, if you use the opportunity smartly.

4. Top quality Mediterranean food

Nowadays we are increasingly concerned about the quality and origin of our food. And rightly so, as it is the cornerstone of a healthy, long life. An environment that allows you to grow something in your garden or on your balcony has great value. If gardening is not your thing, there is always a neighbor who grows tomatoes and sells local produce. Here you will find family-owned wineries, finest olive oil spots, homegrown fruit and vegetables, free-range fish and eggs. And if you like eating out, Porec will take your gourmet experience to a whole new level. Restaurants by the sea and family-owned taverns in the interior are sure to impress you with their Mediterranean and continental cooking.

5. Ease of family living

Raising children in a smaller community can be a major privilege. First of all, a slower pace of life will allow working parents to spend more quality time with their children. Things like safety, nature, parks and pollution levels also come to mind. But there are other advantages, too. Our kindergardens and schools operate by high standards, in new or well-maintained facilities. The town is bustling with sports, music, dance and other types of afterschool activities. Many of them happen in modern, well-equipped buildings which are easy to reach. There are dozens of sports teams and groups for children and youth to join.

6. Work flexibility

We understand that relationships are best developed when we meet in person. That is why we appreciate the ease of commuting to and from work. As a digital company, we also value flexibility. We work from home or the office, depending on the day or our needs. We often go out for lunch with colleagues. We also practice walk&talk meetings, which means we hold some of our sessions while walking by the sea.

7. Partnerships that last and inspires

We nurture strong connections with our clients and partners. Many of them operate in hospitality and are headquartered near us. We make sure to listen, understand, and meet our client’s needs. We find it easier to do when they operate in our vicinity. At the same time, the proximity of neighbouring European countries makes it easy for us to meet and work with our partners from abroad. In addition, digital nomads have hailed Porec as a great place for remote work. More than once, our partners from London, Amsterdam and other cities have spent time working here, to enjoy the inspiring natural environment.

8. Engaged and multicultural community

We place great importance on making a positive impact on our community. This means we act responsibly, mindful of our surroundings. From this comes a deep sense of professional and personal satisfaction. When mayor Loris Persuric recently visited our HQ, we spoke about alignment and cooperation of IT businesses and local government, in ways that promote common good, as well as attitudes of acceptance and respect. Porec is a multicultural town in the true sense of the word. The Italian community has rich cultural activity and strong ties with several Italian regions. Many other ethnic and religious communities have thrived in Porec over the last decades. It is a place of peace, tolerance and diversity, where people of different backgrounds and origins build a stronger community together.

Pleased to have hosted Mayor Loris Persuric and Morena Micetic, Head of Dept. of Economy at our headquarters

9. Safe living environment

Croatia is one of the safest European countries, and has been improving its rank every year. This is increasingly recognised by business professionals, families and young people, as they seek and choose the place to live and work in. On top of being safe, Porec is consistently listed among the healthiest towns in Croatia.

10. Proximity to Italy, Slovenia, Austria

We enjoy good transportation links to nearby cities like Pula, Rijeka, Trieste or Kopar. They offer diverse activities and experiences during the winter season, when Porec can be somewhat quiet. With excellent roads and the absence of border controls, travel is a joy. If you live here, an Aperol Spritz or a slice of pizza in Trieste is within easy reach. So is the carnival of Venice, spectacular Barcolana and Fjumara regattas of Trieste and Rijeka, and concerts in the Roman amphitheatre of Pula. In this part of the world, you can enjoy sea in the morning, and find yourself skiing in the Alps in the afternoon. Nearby airports are well connected to European destinations, especially in summer, so you can have your share of adventures anywhere in the world.

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