High time for going digital:
Three things to do when starting your digital transformation journey

It is high time to go digital, or accelerate digitisation of your business if you have already started it. We’ve heard that many times, and it certainly holds true for any organisation that wants to stay relevant in the future.

Massive change in the business landscape, caused by the pandemic, has pushed companies to adapt faster. Work from home became essential, requiring safe and smooth remote operation, while keeping productivity high. Supply chain crisis hit hard; long-term implications for economies are yet to be understood. Lack of skilled workers - a major and growing problem - is steering business leaders to try and fill the gaps with digital.

Many organisations are working hard to digitise their business. Funding can be a major challenge. In addition to the standard sources of financing, it is wise to explore new opportunities which are now available - the EU funds. They offer significant resources to businesses that look to transform for the future, through both recovery and resilience building. True enough, it is a tremendous opportunity. Software upgrades, automation, AI, IoT, and other innovative solutions can fundamentally change the way you operate and deliver value to your customers.

Yet, digital transformation is hardly something you can decide today and implement in the next 12 hours. In order to be successful, it calls for careful consideration, and deep tuning with both your business needs and the anticipated market developments. So, as you pave your way towards a successful digital transformation, make sure you do these three things - they can save you time and set you on a journey of success.

1. Assess your business processes

Look at your current processes and identify bottlenecks. Which parts of your business need improvements? Is it customer relations, process automation, reporting systems, sales and marketing? Are there any processes you would like to enhance, any things you would like to speed up? Is there a way to reduce costs? Think about how you could take advantage of new technologies.

Depending on the industry you are in, possibilities can range from robotics to cloud solutions and programmable communications. Opportunities can seem endless at first. Comparisons with peers, and good practices you’ve seen elsewhere can help you choose the areas to focus on.

2. Analyse cost-effectiveness

Define business value these changes would bring to your business. It can be useful to do it through a ROI calculation.

What kind of returns do you expect from investing in a digital project? This will lead you towards budget considerations. How much do you plan to invest in digitising that priority area of your business? At this point, it is also important to explore funding opportunities, especially the EU funds. You can do it by yourself, or through partners and consultants with experience in running EU-funded projects.

3. Evaluate possible solutions

Explore the offering of digital platforms, software vendors and system integrators available on the market. After you’ve researched potential partners, it is good to review successful examples of digital transformation in your industry, and learn about how your competitors have approached digitisation. This kind of market intelligence can help you frame your project, and define a scope that is appropriate for you at a given point in time. It can also help add clarity and set expectations with respect to outcomes.

Reliability, quality and trust are important in any business relationship, and digital transformation projects are no different, so make sure you consider those, too.

Start digitising your business today!

There’s little doubt that the need for digitalisation is growing daily. With the global surroundings impacting resources and supply chains in unforeseen ways, it is high time to book resources for your digital transformation projects.

If you have a budget, and a vision of how you want to improve your business via digital, get in touch with Infosit to start the conversation. With 20 years of experience in implementing digital projects for both large and small organisations, we can help you in any stage of the journey. Contact us - we help you transform your vision into a story of success!

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