Team building 2021

Hot summer days saw the Infosit crew gathered in the beautiful Adriatic town of Rabac for a
bunch of workshops and games - our long-awaited two-day team building.
We hosted it at the end of June, packing it with great food, quad rides, a boat trip, horse riding, and much more.
DATE25.06.2021.LOCATIONRabac, Istria, CroatiaDRESS CODEMatching T-shirts

Ahead of our gathering in Rabac we took the Myers-Briggs personality test, the popular MBTI. That allowed us to open the Friday session with a workshop in which we analysed the results.

It was interesting to discuss how certain personality types manifest themselves in day-to-day work and in groups’ dynamics. We looked into personality types that dominate in our teams, examining what is good and what might be missing. Are we open to accepting another personality type into the team? Can we recognise some of the prevailing traits in ourselves and our colleagues? How do they surface in our teamwork, communication styles and interactions? One thing is certain - the workshop left us with positive impressions, and useful findings of us as individuals and the company as a whole.

Outdoor activities were a lot of fun

As we went outdoors, adrenaline and excitement awaited. We jumped on the speedboats heading towards the picturesque Rakalj town. From there, we had a bumpy ride with quads and buggies with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and nearby islands. At the Barba Tone ranch in Manjadvorci, we tried horse riding and delicious local food. Later in the afternoon, we returned to Rabac and continued with the night out.

Two days full of excitement

Next morning was all about joining forces to explore our company values. You might say it’s an expected agenda item, but try and imagine a super-creative session with pantomime and acting involved. Swimming and beach fun came as a cherry on top of a great trip which came to an end way too soon!

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