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In most cases, people appreciate things more when there is an element of personalisation. Such products and services are more special than others and leave us feeling satisfied because we are getting something built around our specific needs. Within the IT industry, that sentiment is no different. And to fulfil the ambition for well-fitting solutions, there is bespoke software development.

With that said, we recently received a review on, a respected B2B ratings and reviews platform, from TDR d.o.o. Rovinj.

About the client

TDR is the largest manufacturer in Southeastern Europe and the only domestic producer in Croatia. They are a company of long tradition, operating as part of the British American Tobacco group since 2015. In addition to the Croatian home market, TDR operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Germany, and plans to build a factory in Iran.

The client needed detailed monitoring and reporting software to help raise awareness of outgoing telephony expenses across different VoIP. We successfully created a system that allowed TDR to monitor and get reports of their telephony expense across different gateways, and we continue to support them as needed.

Here is what their IT manager said as a short message of gratitude and appreciation:

“Infosit has met deadlines. They're very proactive, and they react positively to the technology challenges that we assign to them. We wanted something that wasn't a standard or a simple solution, and they accepted the challenge and found the right technical solution.”

Bespoke software development

We are always pleased to receive such heartwarming messages from our clients. This feedback is a testament to how much effort we put into every project we launch. It's an honour to be working with companies and help them succeed with their projects.

Whether for manufacturing or inventory systems, customised software solutions will fit your business like a glove compared to off-the-shelf software solutions. It will be more efficient and suit your specific needs better.

Despite the higher initial costs, bespoke software development is a long-term investment that pays off in the long run.

Our team is composed of dedicated developers, designers, and project managers leveraging the latest technologies and best practices. By combining your business knowledge with our strategic thinking, tech expertise, and industry experience, we build digital solutions to upgrade your business.

We are also featured by Clutch's sister company, The Manifest, an awards and projects listing website. They have shortlisted Infosit as a top-tier C Sharp (C#) software development company in Croatia.

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