Marko Maric:
How I found a great place to
work as a senior developer

If you sit down with Marko Maric, senior developer at Infosit, it will easily be the beginning of a compelling conversation. He joined the company last year, having decided to give his career a new direction. What caught his attention as an interesting job ad ended up resonating with him on many levels. It turned out to be what it promised to be – a window into the spirit and values of the team he would join.

-I was attracted to the transparency, to their thinking on technology and seniority in software development. It was important for me to see that we shared the fundamental beliefs, and that I could broaden my own scope and impact in terms of technology and products, Marko said.

First and foremost, he sought an opportunity to expand the technology stack he worked with. That was exactly what Infosit envisions for senior developers on the team. They say that, while frameworks and languages will change, the architectural and programming concepts and algorithms are fundamental. A developer with experience can master a new language or concept quickly, if driven and willing to take on challenges. As Marko notes, this is very different from always doing the same thing and having only the after hours to learn new areas and paradigms.

Authenticity and honesty shaped up before him as he got to know Infosit better.

-I recognised a culture which is a lot about communication, respect, and flexibility. Work-life balance is important, and Infosit is thoughtful in nourishing it. These days, it is valuable to find a company that walks their talk; it is worthy of admiration, he said.

-I love woodwork, camping, cooking, reading and many other things. It is important to build and maintain balance, stay productive and energised at work while taking care of our overall well being, he said.

Wanting to know about other employee experiences, he found an interview with Damir Muhovic. He is a senior developer at Infosit, with insights that remain an inspiration to many.

-It was the moment I felt Infosit was the right choice for me, and deeper conversations with Infosit leaders Goran Mrvos and Dolores Koverlica were further proof of that. We realised we shared a vision, and the prospect of working on the Digital Experience Platform, the flagship product at Infosit, was more than appealing, Marko reveals.

He finds beauty and pleasure in working with a company based in Istria. One can enjoy bits of a magical culture and progressive standards of living.

- In all honesty, when I took the plunge and started looking for opportunities, I thought a position abroad was more likely. I knew such packages were available in Austria and Switzerland. By this I mean the kinds of jobs where you can build high quality work-life balance, learn new stuff and be a part of a good community - all at the same time. I was ready to seek opportunities outside Croatia and move to another country. It was great to find the match in Poreč, in Istria.

He became interested in computers at the age of six. He has a lot to thank to his ZX Spectrum, the popular computer of the first half of the eighties. It occupied his imagination and led him to start writing code.

-It is in my nature to never stop learning. Even with repetitive tasks, I will be looking for ways to improve them. Software development is a lot like cooking. There is a recipe you can follow, and on top of that there is room for improvement, for your own creativity that can make the whole thing better, he reveals.

We touch on the confidence which seems to be a quality one can find in senior professionals. It comes with experience and consistent, high-quality work in which you care for the outcomes for customers and learn how to manage complex projects. As you grow, you learn how to split large projects into manageable chunks, how to estimate the time and resources needed. You become more able to give actionable advice to both customers and colleagues.

-It is a lot about tranquility you develop, as your response to complex requirements. Over time, you develop a belief in the process. It will get you to a successful completion, even if you don’t see every stage right in front of you at a given time, Marko explained.

He likes to come back to the company mission - From your vision, we create success stories. It reflects how the company treats its customers, but also how it treats its employees. It is a well-rounded philosophy built to last and remain true to itself, Marko said.

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