Energy Tech Summit 2024:

How startups are shaping the energy landscape

A vibrant atmosphere filled Bilbao last week, with more than 1500 experts, innovators, investors, and attendees from all over the world gathered for the Energy Tech Summit 2024. We had two great days of meetings, networking and knowledge sharing in the ever-growing world of climate tech!

There is little doubt about the growing importance of climate tech. A field in which lots of innovation and experimentation is happening, it will have its role in addressing the global climate challenge. This year in Bilbao we’ve seen a rising number of startups and entrepreneurs aiming to tackle climate change with innovative and sustainable technologies. Some are already backed by investors; others are looking to get funding.

- In those two days in Bilbao, we spoke with companies investing in the energy sector and with startups building climate tech. They were interested in the kind of support we could provide. Our experience in business consulting and software development proved valuable. Investors and startups need consultancy and software agencies with experience, to help startups in achieving their goals. Many of them have excellent ideas (POC), and they need help in building a scalable product fast, said Infosit CEO Goran Mrvos.

Winners of Tech Challengers

Winners of Tech Challengers

It was exciting to hear startups pitching at the Energy Tech Challengers event. We heard ideas that could be pivotal in the battle against climate change.

- It will be interesting to see how these ideas evolve into solutions that drive the energy sector forward. Sitting at the dinner with the best among them was an absolute pleasure. We deepened our connections and gained deeper insight into their work, Mrvos said.

He is optimistic about decarbonization solutions, including the possibility of converting CO2 into fuel for use in standard cars.

- This could happen very soon, because there are significant investments in companies involved in the oil business. It seems that they could transition to these new fuels quickly. And that would improve the alignment of the fossil fuel industry with ecological practices. The shift could have a massive impact on air quality and global warming. My first thought was that we could contribute to these goals with our technology and expertise in software, said Mrvos.

This year’s Energy Tech Summit left us with valuable insights and takeaways. Thank you, Bilbao, and see you next year!

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