DXP and third-party integrations: An elegant way to meld different applications into one cohesive infrastructure

Software applications come in a variety of shapes and sizes and organizations use them in all sorts of ways. Using different applications in different business processes is not uncommon, especially in larger enterprises. However when you scale operations, introduce new roles, or shift to a new way of doing business, having different applications that do not share data and cannot work together can be both frustrating and expensive.

Interconnect your software to match your unique business needs

Applications are built to meet specific business needs or use cases. Teams and departments choose them with respect to their relevance and without a doubt, each one has its purpose. At the same time, organizations tend to streamline their work and look at how to integrate them with tools they already use. That is when integrations come to the rescue. And if you do not have third-party integrations in place, you may be experiencing „tool fatigue“.

As your central sales and marketing platform, Infosit Digital Experience Platform has outstanding flexibility to integrate with any third-party application you may be using in your business operations. Examples of this are booking engines, customer relationship management platforms, analytics systems, weather forecast applications, and many more. By integrating data from these applications with your DXP, you can make your workflows smoother. Many times, this will contribute to the scope, scale, and profitability of your business without increasing your workload.

Out-of-box and custom integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations are ready-made integrations you get with Infosit DXP. Essentially, this is prepackaged software with native features and built-in functionalities that will work straight away. This type of integration requires minimal technical knowledge, so you won't have to bother your development team with extra demands.

If your business processes are both robust and high in complexity, you may need more than out of the box integrations. In those cases, Infosit can develop custom integrations that will meet your very specific requirements. By investing in custom integrations, you will have software fully tailored to your needs, with all the necessary functionalities at hand. This can make it easier for you to scale your processes, improve your organization's productivity and decrease costs in the long run. With custom API integrations you can build tailored solutions for enhanced user experience.

Example: Booking engine

Infosit DXP provides outstanding flexibility, it can be adapted to connect with any third-party tool or service. Let's say that you need to add a booking engine service to your property website. DXP has the ability to integrate with any booking service out there. All you need is to describe your business needs, and we will customize the system accordingly. We can integrate with any booking engine within your website via URL or via a separate API.

All the information owned by the booking engine - room availability, price, etc. - can be easily accessed within DXP. Having this data available in DXP allows us to manage web offers faster and create personalized experiences in connection whit CRM and/or personalization engines.

The two systems can communicate via a special API, too. We can separate communication logic with a specific service within a specific API or project. In the booking engine example - DXP can manage data it gets from that system, and display some of that data on the website. We have made DXP fully adaptable to any business logic that might exist or arise on your side.

Integration technology / API integration

Integration with the DXP platform is usually done via API. There are APIs for reading data from DXP and for writing data into it. For instance, to access weather forecast data for a specific location, you will implement the weather forecast API in DXP. This way you will get this convenient feature on your website.

If you have a web application and you start developing a mobile app, the data you already have does not need to be re-entered into DXP to be used for the mobile version. Instead, it will be instantly available for use in your mobile app, which can mean significant savings in terms of time and resources.

A major advantage of Infosit DXP is in the openness for reading and writing data into it, which contributes to productivity and reduces the possibility of errors. For instance, content API allows third-party applications to read the information from DXP. Media API is used to manage images and videos, allowing you to upload, edit and compress them.

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