Dolores Koverlica:
How values determine our
career choices and growth

A top graduate of the Faculty of Science, Dolores Koverlica had several choices before her, when starting off her career. Academia presented itself as one of the options, but there were other opportunities, too. Among them the chance to join Infosit - a team of two people set out to build great software in the beautiful town of Poreč. Their vision was bold, fueled by a burning desire to make an impact. Their journey was only just beginning. Having spent some months there as a software development intern, Dolores found their energy, spirit and values to resonate with her powerfully.

If you dream of being in a good place, make sure you both seek and create it.

-From the earliest days, I saw respect as a major value pillar at Infosit. I could see it in communication with clients and partners, in the team dynamics, and in the concern for growth of others. There was an appetite for learning and cooperation, and an atmosphere of openness. These qualities played an important role in how I valued my future career options. They helped shape my thinking about the kind of environment I wanted to join, and whom I wanted as my mentor, Dolores said. It didn’t take long for her to become the third employee at Infosit.

Goran Mrvos and Dolores Koverlica at company annual gathering

Today, she is Senior Partner and Chief Solutions Architect. Her decisions and thinking have, over the past 17 years, helped steer Infosit as it kept expanding the team and technology stack. As a developer, she laid foundations for solutions and integrations that power some of the key software infrastructure in the Adriatic. As a manager, she expanded teams, introduced learning programs and supported teams as they expanded their skillset. As the senior partner, she developed partnerships and opened new business opportunities.

-As we grew, we have worked a lot towards making our values transparent and understood. We live by them both as people and as business professionals. I think that is the core of the company culture we have built over the years, she explained.

Dolores Koverlica

Dolores will point out that career choices are not a short-term thing. A path to job satisfaction requires effort and serious self-improvement. Also, it is important to appreciate a positive working environment, as it will shape who you become in the long run. It was an environment in which I could reach my career goals, while enjoying digital transformation projects we took on with our clients and partners, she said. Understanding clients’ vision, and helping them reach it via technology, remains our top concern.

I believe we should seek a journey in which we can grow together with our mentors and business partners. The story of growth is tied with the story of change, and the qualities of our mentors may determine our journey more than we think.

-Growth will happen gradually and every day, if you are in a good place, surrounded with people that share a readiness to learn and change. I think this is vital for professional fulfillment. If you dream of being in a good place, make sure you both seek and create it. As much as it is important to start in a good place, it is equally important to create it with your own contributions, thinking and actions, Dolores concluded.

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