Conferences as sources of new knowledge, with a nod to Svelte

These days we have been happy to continue our tradition of attending Digital Labin. No doubt, it’s among our favourites in our annual conferencing calendar, opening up new perspectives and avenues of creative thinking. Besides being a source of inspiration, it always gives us a view of the latest trends and know-how in digital user experiences.

Marko Milošević, Lean Pilar, Simon Aničić, Filip Baša, Ana Milanović, Renata Vošten

As a company that strives to stay at the forefront of high tech, we value dynamic gatherings like Digital Labin, where we can explore the latest technologies and experiences. Infosit assesses and implements new technologies based on the value they can create for our clients. We will also consider the compatibility with our own processes and operational business.

Our recent efforts have focused on the implementation of Svelte web framework.

We chose Svelte for several reasons, from project requirements and the quality of the framework to the ability to quickly adapt it to our way of working.

Three key benefits it brings to our clients and projects are:

  • We can develop solutions faster and more easily, thanks to Svelte’s simple syntax and compiler.
  • It offers a simpler workflow, as it can be adapted for various front-ends, such as React, Vue, or Angular.
  • It provides the ability to quickly adapt the framework to our software architecture, using custom components and stores.

In its fourth edition, Digital Labin brought together international experts in the field of development, design and project management. Svelte was among the many hot topics that we were eager to learn and exchange about across the three conference tracks. Thanks everyone and see you next year!

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