Automate your workflow and boost efficiency with Infosit DXP and Microsoft Power Apps

Have you ever found yourself thinking: I could be accomplishing so much more at work, but a bunch of repetitive tasks are taking away from my productivity? If yes, you are certainly not alone. But low code options are here to help. Stay on top of what is important by combining Infosit DXP with Microsoft Power Apps - build workflows and solutions that make your business processes both faster and easier.

The potential of DXP and Power Apps

Power Apps is a collection of Microsoft applications, services, and connectors that enable you to create simple business applications which can automate many of your work processes. Even with low or no coding skills at all, you can use this collection to create feature-rich applications with responsive design, running on any device. And that is not all. You will be able to connect them with data stored on Microsoft Dataverse, as well as with on-premise or online data storage.

Infosit has made sure that our in-house developed Digital Experience Platform (Infosit DXP) is both extendable and customisable - one way of adding specific new functionality quickly is through Microsoft Power Apps.

For instance, if you are looking to improve how information circulates, you could create a number of automated flows with email notifications. An example of this would be automated email notifications triggered by different types of events handled in an Infosit DXP implementation.

Connectors: Building better processes

The connector enables specific services (for example, Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook) to communicate with Microsoft Power Apps in a way that their communication can be used to trigger another action or to get data.

There is a wide variety of connectors with their triggers and actions you can choose from. Some are built-in, while others are standard, premium, or custom-made. You are in full control of when and how often you will run the flow. For example, you can automate team reminders to submit monthly reports or auto-backup your data on a regular basis.

Automated flows for your specific needs

The app you build with Microsoft Power Apps can contain triggers that will fire once an event has occurred. The trigger can also fire independently, for example every hour or if an event occurs in the connector (e.g., when a new email message arrives to a Gmail inbox). Creating a new flow is fairly easy. Creators can choose their desired type of flow from a list, and it is also possible to build them using templates.

Make your work easier

Apps you create are intended to make your work easier. They are not publicly available, nor can you sell them on the app store. Because you already have a lot of inbuilt functionality and data within DXP, you can combine this with Power Apps to extend what DXP is doing for you at the moment and optimise many of your existing processes around it.

You can create these low code apps directly from the Power Apps website, your Microsoft office account, or any app of your choice, such as Teams. Power Apps workspace is structured in a clear and simple way, making it easy for non-technical people to build new tools that will extend their existing software and improve their workflows. The easiest way to get started is to connect to a data source you already have.

With the Infosit DXP content API, you can cover a lot of scenarios that focus on your day-to-day work to make it easier and more efficient. Enjoy your no-code journey and boost your productivity!

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