Anamaria Segota: Recapping my first month at Infosit

Anamaria Segota has been working with Infosit as a customer success specialist for several months now. And as she says, it happened almost by chance! She was not looking for a new job, but being open to new opportunities helped start a chain of events which led her to take a position here. -For me it was important to know I would be a part of a company that cares about a good working atmosphere, and to make sure that, at the end of the day, my work would have value, she said in a recent conversation.

I believe that when a person is fulfilled at work, they are happy by definition.

A friend of hers has been working at Infosit for years. Many times, over coffee, her friend would talk about it. -I must say I was fascinated with how she spoke about her job and the company. It is so rare these days, when people mostly complain about work, she revealed.

-Just a while ago, Infosit came up in our conversation once again. Even though they didn't have an open position at the time, my friend encouraged me to send an open application. I didn't regret it.

Anything is possible if you have the right mindset and a desire to do it.

-I wanted to change the working environment, find a place where I could learn from my coworkers and do things outside of the box. For that, I needed something beyond the old-school systems. A place where I could grow as an individual and a business professional, she explains.

The first interview with Infosit founder and CEO Goran Mrvos went as if they’ve known each other for ten years, Anamaria said. There was this great sense of ease and acceptance right from the start.

-The company's flexibility, and their dedication to life-work balance, lifelong development and long-term relationships were things that won me over. These are the values that shine through when you talk to employees, but also when you read their website. You can tell by what they write about, and by how they write. At first, I was skeptical because many companies will stress out their corporate values without putting them into practice. When I started working, I realized that Infositters live those values and that it is very important for them to act professionally, to have expertise, to be responsible. They fully understand the importance of well-being, and that if a person doesn’t build it, they will not be truly fulfilled at work either.

First day at work and introduction to the team

The first day at work can be stressful. New environment and new people can spark feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Anamaria believes she was lucky to feel accepted already in that first conversation with Goran - it made her entry into the organization easier.

The company has a hybrid work model, and some people work from home over longer periods of time. -On my first day at work, the office was crowded with people. Everyone seemed so down-to-earth and friendly, they welcomed me warmly. We went to lunch together, it truly felt like a genuine welcome, she recalls.

From the very first day, I felt like I had taken the right step in my life and career. I haven't had that feeling anywhere else.

Onboarding is structured and thought

As her first weeks at Infosit went by, she came to recognize that onboarding new people is a very well-structured process. -If you lacked onboarding in the past or went through unstructured ones, you will much appreciate them now. Having it so very well organized, I can tell that someone has thought and planned how to get you into the business, she said.

-First I learned about Infositters' way of working and got to know their values. Because my own values are in sync with that, it was easy to get to know the culture and how things are done here. Gradually I was learning about the business operations and company’s mission which underlies everything they do. All the way through I had great mentoring from colleagues - either via live meetings or conference calls. Over time, I started getting my first assignments and I got onboarded to a project I'm currently working on. Even though I am still learning, I now feel like I have a broader perspective of the company. Still not completely on my own, but I'm getting there. Infosit nourishes a feedback culture, which I'd say is very important for growth, she said.

What is it like to work at Infosit?

The approach to work and problem-solving is a whole new universe. You can tell that the team is focused on what they do and ready to help each other, no matter what it’s about and how much time is needed. They are aware that if they invest more time to introduce you to the business, the sooner you will become autonomous in your own work - and able to help them. Everyone is patient and ready to help, which I find to be an outstanding quality. We communicate on a daily basis. The team here is quite young, which came as a positive surprise - seeing so young people with so much knowledge and expertise. I think you can have that in smaller companies, focused on a particular niche. And we always have Goran and Dolores, true experts and professionals. They are always open for a conversation, a discussion or knowledge sharing.

You find a way when you seek for what you are.

New job, better me

I feel much happier and at peace now, knowing that someone is thinking of my journey and that for any challenge that comes my way I will have someone to rely on.

I'm still getting used to the new environment and work from home most of the time. That flexibility - being able to use both the office and working from home seems to be working really well for me.

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