Content Management System


CMSinfoSIT makes it possible for you to edit or insert your text, photos or any other content, at any time, from any computer device that has an Internet connection.

CMSinfoSIT relies on a high quality
infrastructure which ensures fast
loading of web pages.
  • You don’t have to engage any technical personnel or professional or pay for other companies services
  • Optimum implementation timeframe
  • Fast return on investment

Allowing for an unlimited number of content changes, your website can be improved every day and thereby attract more web traffic and direct benefits with new business opportunities.

Many of our clients have recognised
that CMSinfoSIT is capable of returning their
original investment after only one year,
comparing more than favourably versus
classic web site development systems


CMSinfoSIT includes a module that can help negate common mistakes with URL Redirects and Rewrite implementation.

Technical information

CMSinfoSIT is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL relationship database which ensures a high quality base for future functional development.

CMS (Edit by Infosit)

Main features of Edit are Entities, Multilingualism, Preview/Live website, Import/Export module.

Edit is much more than just a regular CMS, here is why:

  • Entity modules enable your Data Entry Specialist to create screens to connect modules quickly, intuitively and effortlessly. They are unlimited and flexible to use, allowing endless possibilities and creativity resulting in saving time and human resources.
  • Multilingualism features are designed in a way that enables fast and easy data entry and updates for several languages positioned on different web screens with just one stroke. This not only saves time but minimizes entry errors.
  • Preview/Live allows specialists to review all changes prior to customer use. Additionally, Data Entry Specialists can import new or improved features after development and staff education. This guarantees a full review prior to public launch. We take client credibility and reputation seriously.
  • Import/Export saves user resources in data entry and updates. Data can be imported or exported with a few clicks to be up and running again.
  • Edit by Infosit front end and design are completely independent to the system. Creativity is a must for us. That is why our UX/UI design solutions are completely customized to enhance brand identity and project requirements.


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