Check 4 Camps

Check 4 camps mobile app

Regular camp control often results in a overworked reception which reduces the quality of the service and lessens the visitor experience of the camp.

Less than optimal visitor satisfaction results in a smaller revenue than potentially achievable. 
Aware of this problem, Infosit has, after a series of successful technological solutions for the tourism sector, developed  Check 4 Camps, a Campsite Solution that enables: 

  • Increase the revenue from additional camping services 
  • A higher level of guest satisfaction (eliminating the need to disturb the guest during his/her stay) 
  • Increase in worker efficiency 
  • reduce the burden on the reception

Campsites which implemented the Check 4 Camps solution have averaged an increase of 15% in revenue from additional camping services, while at the same time raising the level of visitor satisfaction as well as the staff. 


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