Destination management

Expert consulting for Destination Management Companies or Organisations (DMO and DMC) are on your disposal for the following areas:


You understand the tourism potential of your destination but you are not sure how to improve destination competitiveness.

You have developed tourism strategies and marketing plans but you struggle with their execution.


You recognize the need for organizing structure and management for implementing destination strategies but are not certain how to do it.

You have a DMC like organization but you want to improve SOPs, create coordination and PM mechanisms, and be able to better control and monitor its project activities.

Building a network

Your destination has a substantial number of service providers but you can’t secure their active involvement in marketing initiatives, creating supply and raising quality service.

You want to align destination’s resources and activities but you face challenges in forming team and focusing on mutual objectives.


Your destination has traditional offering and you would like to create new products, services, and experiences.

Your destination can offer various experiences but you are not sure how to target different markets, niches, and segments and successfully market and sell them.


You have motivated project managers in your DMC but they could build up their levels of knowledge and skills.

You believe that your destination’s service providers should be educated in the areas of marketing and selling.

management system

DMS is a solution created by combining different subsystems from our portfolio

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mobile POS

FiskalPhone is an Android mobile application. We are looking for worldwide distributors

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