Infosit was founded in 2002, with a focus on developing solutions for a variety of customers using the best available methodologies and tools. In this past decade, we have created a complete turnkey destination management solution (DMS) for the hospitality industry, as well as provided solutions for specific business areas.

Working according to Agile and PM principles, our aim is to create solutions that we would enjoy using ourselves and that can help companies, who have realized that using technology can increase their competitiveness, apply those new technologies and customize them to their needs and business processes. In this way, we build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, based on trust. We offer quality and secure software solutions and are a trusted partner for both small and large businesses, which can be confirmed by our references. We make it our business to continuously learn and acquire new knowledge and skills in order to keep up with new technological developments, and in the process our team is constantly gaining new qualifications, endorsing our professional approach to our business.

Focused on our client's goals, we do not hesitate to cooperate with experts and partners who are specialists in fields which are not our specialty. By doing so, our clients achieve their project goals with the best quality service and in line with project timeframes. Our track record and references for successful, high quality projects delivered together with other suppliers proves the point.

Every day brings fierce competition to all of us. Optimizing processes, that is, lowering the demand for additional resources by applying ICT solutions is one way of improving your company’s performance. We can help you implement new technologies and together we can become more successful!

management system

DMS is a solution created by combining different subsystems from our portfolio

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mobile POS

FiskalPhone is an Android mobile application. We are looking for worldwide distributors

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If you need help, we are ready to assist you with our expertise. Pick one or more of our skills

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